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Vitamins - Life´s hidden miracle

Vitamins - Life´s hidden miracle

Softcover | 151 Seiten | ISBN: 978-3-9815000-2-8
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  ! englische Ausgabe ! des Buches: "Risikofaktor Vitaminmangel"  Vitamins -... mehr

 ! englische Ausgabe ! des Buches: "Risikofaktor Vitaminmangel"

 Vitamins - Life´s hidden miracle

Would you fill your sports car with heating oil and expect optimal performance?

The same holds true the biochemical wonder - your body.

Without optimal intake of micronutrients you cannot expect to perform well. Healthy nutrition and additional micronutrients are an insurance policy for our health.

Learn more about the latest nutritional research.
Vitamins are life´s hidden miracle.

-  Increase your cell repair with B-vitamins.

-  Reduce your risk of cancer with vitamin B and D.

-  Enhance your metabolism and your mood.

-  Everything you need to know about the upper limit of vitamin and mineral intake.

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